MW Cheyanne

2020 Chestnut GOV Filly
La’Vie x Relevant x Davignon I
Breeder: P. Wendelns

Super excited to add this pedigree to our herd. She stems from arguably one of the best performance damlines in Europe. The Cinderella damline has also produced the top stallions Escamillio and Sir Heinrich OLD. Watching this one grow up and contribute to our program will be fun.

Cinderella damline: Cinderella, who was born in 1968 in the Netherlands and came to Garrel in 1975 through a swap, became a line-founding mare in the Wendeln breeding endeavors. This chestnut daughter of Armand (by Amor) had Oldenburg blood in her veins. Her dam Condrina was by the Oldenburg stallion Camillo. For Paul Wendeln, only a chestnut stallion would be acceptable as a partner for his Cinderella – to ensure that her offspring were also chestnut. Georg Vorwerk persuaded him to try his still-young Anglo-Norman stallion, Zeus. With Zeus, Cinderella produced six State Premium and Elite Mares: Chinchilla, C’Est la Vie, Cleopatra, Chin-Chin, Cabarett und Chrystal and their licensed full brothers, Zymbal I and II.