2021 GOV Inspection Results

2021 GOV Inspection Results

2021 welcomed back not only our USDF/EF shows but also our special GOV Inspections. This year MW had its largest homebred foal crop to date and it is by far our best collection yet. The inspectors remarked that “they had not seen that many elite auction quality foals in 1 place at 1 time anywhere”. Wow!

So grateful for inspectors Holly Simensen and Jens Richter for burning the midnight oil to get through all our horses. As always I enjoy their educational comments and friendship. We didn’t finish until 9pm at night and I know they had an early morning of inspections the next day 2.5hrs away. So a huge thank you to both of them.
Thrilled with our 2021 foal crop 💗💗💗:
1. MW Elluna (Bodacious x Fursten-Look x Espri) – Premium & Elite. So happy for her new owner.
2. MW Rudina (Global Player x Sir Donnerhall I x Donnerschwee) – Premium & Elite. Congratulations to breeder E. Huslage.
3. MW Jericho (Jovian x Glock’s Voice x Fidertanz) – Premium. This completes MW Ave Maria’s Special Premium requirements.
4. MW Denzano (D’Avie x Bernay x Florencio) – Premium & Elite. This completes MW Phedora‘s requirements for Special Premium. We sold her last summer.
5. MW Royalty (Viva Gold x Royal Prince x Weltmeyer) – Premium & Elite
6. MW Verrazzano (Viva Gold x Sir Donnerhall I x Feiner Stern) – Premium & Elite
7. MW Billionaire (Bonds x San Amour x DeNiro) – Premium & Elite
*We also entered MW Equinox and MW Weissgold into the Main Mare Book. Goldie also did her MPT and is now a Special Premium Candidate. I don’t have accurate scores to share yet.
*We also papered MW Virtuous (Valverde x Royal Prince x Weltmeyer) & MW Sacred (Secret x Sir Donnerhall I x Feiner Stern). They are our Covid yearlings so were ineligible for inspection.
*Finally we licensed 2 stallions. MW Mercury (Morricone x Sir Donnerhall I x Feiner Stern) & MW Marcario (Morricone x San Amour x DeNiro). Super comments on both. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Thank you to Shannon for having the horses in and clean, Tommy for setting up the ring for the MPT and taking it down so quickly to move the afternoon along, and of course to Lindsey Holleger for not only riding beautifully but also running the mares to present the foals so well. The pipeline is strong. A great season!

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