Services & Training

Services & Training

“This is a most excellent indoor arena with excellent footing. Very well done.” – Klaus Balkenhol

Breeding & Training the Future’s Champions

  • MWW’s on-site Owner/Trainer Jen Vanover (USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist & Several rider performance awards. Specializing in Breaking -PSG, breeding, young horses, stallions, and DSHB handling.
  • On-site Assistant Trainer Erin Powers, Specializing in young horses, stallions, starting, and ground handling.
  • On-site Head Trainer Jessica Starck, Specializing in YH-GP. USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist

Stk-6.20#195-J.V (7)   
              (shown left to right: Jen Vanover, Erin Powers, & Jessica Starck)

Boarding & Services available at MWW:

We offer different levels of service and packages for our clients. As seen on the About the Farm page, we offer a top-class facility with the flexibility that suits your horse, training and your budget. Your horse will live in luxury, enjoying the earth-mimicking stall system, top quality shavings, timothy hay (core samples pulled and tested for nutritional information) and barn circulation system. Stalls are picked three times per day/night with fresh water and top-quality timothy hay constantly available. Our spacious grass turnout compares to none. Each horse receives a tack trunk, saddle, bridle, and boot racks. All vaccinations, worming, etc. are meticulously tracked via backed-up equine computer software. We have onsite laundry and tack cleaning services as well as full clipping/show grooming services. And, to top it off… world-class clinicians, GOV inspections, and an on-site breed/dressage shows with FEI and Young Horse classes!

  • $75 day for DAY board (12 x 12 stall, mucking, hay)
  • $950/month for REGULAR board (12 x 12 stall, mucking, 3 feedings, individual turnout)
  • $1300/month for FULL board (12 x 12 stall, mucking, 3-4 feedings, extra shavings)
  • $1600/month for COMPLETE board (All full board services with daily grooming & laundry included)

Maplewood Warmbloods Specializes in broodmare/foal care too!

We have an entire separate, private barn dedicated to youngsters and foal-out services.

  • $1500/month (only required for last month of gestation) for FOAL OUT board
    (12 x 24 stall, 2-3 feedings, foal watch/foal out, turnout, blanket/boot applications and foal de-worming) – required for last month of gestation.

*All horses MUST have up-to-date vaccinations/coggins per attachment C of the boarding agreement prior to arriving to the farm.*

Now accepting Visa & MasterCard for your convenience!



MWW Horses for Sale

  • MW Bella Rossa - SOLD! MW Bella Rossa – SOLD!
    Sezuan x Harvard x Akzent II x Fernal 2014 Premium GOV Filly SOLD! – KY, USA MW Bella Rossa (Beautiful Red) is by the...
  • MW Elara - FOR SALE! MW Elara – FOR SALE!
    2017 GOV Premium Filly Sezuan x Espri x Lemon xx Just WOW! Well-bred, powerful, and stunningly pretty. 3 big balanced gaits. Not much...

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